“IRCP is a group company that has variety in ICT, to be a leader in quality and to be number one in the business group”



Increase the number and retain customers which has high value or potential.  The expansion of the customer base can be done by offering differentiation to the customers, especially with an emphasis on product leadership, feature development and providing excellent customer service by

  1. Create financial added value. Shareholders will receive the value of the stock that is increasing every year, and/or have returns in the form of dividends that are not less than the interest rates on deposits, and shareholders are proud of their participation in the ownership of the company
  2. Create additional value for customers by developing new systems and services that meet the needs and provide professional services for customers to achieve results from their use
  3. Create additional value for employees by developing knowledge and working atmosphere and better rewards


The company aims to grow into a comprehensive company in information and communication technology and will continue to grow with the expansion in the domestic information technology sector and able to meet all the needs of the country’s information technology use at present.   IRCP is recognized by customers as a company that provides total ICT solutions in the country and is stepping into being the innovative company by offering modern products and services that are highly effective to customers continuously.