Networking / Security / Information Backup Service

Company's Portfolio
Customer Projects
IT Ministry Developed the stability and security in information technology and communications system
Computer system development of strategy and evaluating department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Provided and improving computers, equipment and mini computer network installation to support 50 district offices
Provided computers and security program in information technology system, phase 2 for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Khonkaen University Installed optical fiber network
Provided optical fiber network system
Provided networking maintenance
The Government Public Relations Department Provided networking system for NNT new office
Developed IT network
Improved security system network
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Installed and provided computer networking system
Traffic and Transportation Office, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Installed security cameras including equipment in 16 flooding locations
Royal Forest Department Provided networking system and computer security system
Provided networking for Provincial locations
Provided main signaling broadcast equipment
TAT Traded and installed SAN equipment system for 9 transactions
Provided Disk storage including 4 years maintenance
Purchased including installing information collecting equipment and information back up
Rajabhat University Provided office equipment accessories
Provided IT development project including installation, total of 13 transactions
Provided office computing equipment accessories and networking system
Purchased office equipment for information storage MIS system including installation service
TOT Provided and installed PART data including maintenance service for SME Banking