Telecommunication System

Company's Portfolio
Customer Projects
CAT Provided total solution service of Next Generation Network (NGN)
Provided IN ( Intelligent Network), 1 system
Provided IMS Network Analyzer to increase efficiency of inspecting measurement and diagnosing issues
Improved MNP (Mobile Number Port) System to support MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
Provided Media Gateway equipment for the North-East network location
Provided 5 sets of Media Gateway (MGW) equipment
Provided Account Management System (AMS)
Customer Projects
Provincial Electricity Authority Provided total solution to design, install IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) at the EGAT’s headquarter, Ngamwongwan and substations in 12 districts. Job descriptions are system installation, installing cabling system inside the buildings which is related to electronic installation system: IMS and IP Cabling in server rack including to uplink between central server and EGAT’s sub-branches
TOT Number port project
Developed IT system and gateway
CAT Provided a turnkey total solution service of Improving domestic telephone network: Tandem Hub upgrading which are;
  1. Providing class 4 soft switch and media gateway signaling and necessary equipment for installation
  2. Installing, connecting to other systems, acceptance test, training, assurance and  providing equipment manual
Purchased the installation Signaling Transfer Point (STP) equipment and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Function to use with moble telephone CDMA 2000-1X system and providing telephone networking service
CAT Provided capacity expansion equipment for network surveillance, 1 system
Increased storage capacity of HLR with the UMTS and improving HLR with the CDMA including expanding Network Management (NMS) to support HSPA Mobile
Provided Dummy Note Type B (Tellabs)
Purchased MSAN (Multi Service Access Node) equipment, 1 system
Provided Value Added Service (VAS)
Provided ONU equipment and 1 broadband router set
Built optical fiber network in central region of the country