Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) business which is providing service of collecting and developing information, including providing advices and solving problems as a total solutions of information technology work by offering technology and information systems that are accepted worldwide for customers and provide turnkey solutions. The company will be a full-service contractor, which includes the entire product information system.

It suits for dynamically movement enterprise and needs improvement all the time. This service provides the efficient data processing transaction which will serve most micro enterprises. The ERP implement will create information driven for C level management in order to initiate the creativity.

This efficient solution is able to increase integrated applications capacities for large enterprise. This application is strategically used in most worldwide enterprises in digital era. The IRCP is architecture solution design to be strengthen, flexible and adjusted modification of all sizes that cover application integration for internal and between organizations, productions including business partners and customers.

Reaching the accurate, fast and reasonable information is identified the success or failure in business competition today. Business Intelligent system is designed to drive the business and users successful of using organization information benefits. Once the business intelligence is increase, the complete and accurate information network is even more necessary.


  • End to End Management
  • Project aspect and cost management
  • Project processing plan development and method
  • Difference analysis
  • Policy modification
  • User Connection Development and Design
  • Custom Applications
  • Merging Policy
  • Testing System and Accepting
  • Training

We can’t deny the nature of business that is always changing and technology is continuingly developing. If you are dealing with the customers who have a wide range of needs, you will face the business challenges. You may find out your applications cannot respond your customer’s needs which means you need the strategic partner who can serve your need with great experience in design and implement the technical applications for you.