Telecommunication business, we conduct business as a consultant, design, supply, device installation, project management, and maintenance of modern integrated telecommunications systems by offering world-renowned equipment and has a team of experienced and well-known in the market in order to meet the needs of large enterprise customers most efficiently

We are the total solution in providing advanced telecommunications network to connect points to points via fiber optic and wireless technologies such as DWDM, SDH, Multiplexer, Wireless, and Broadband.  Our customers will receive the superior world’s leading quality products such as NSN, Tellabs etc.

The NGN total solution network is to link the existing public telephone network with IP network that includes VOIP, VDO, and Instant Messaging etc. We use world’s leading quality products such as Genband, NSN, Ericsson and Huawei.

We provide a complete total solution of this Soft Switch networking service by these main applications which are Media Gateway and Signaling Gateway and equipped the latest world’s leading quality products such as Genband, Huawei and Tekelec.

This service integrates mobile telephone network with fixed telephone line network including internet network. Huawei and Zte are our selecting products.

Our FTTx Network service is a total solution to build high speed broadband network via fiber optic and equipped ONU, Splitter and Optical Fiber Cable. Our selected world quality products are Zte, Ericsson and Opent.

We offer a turnkey solution service which is the ideal for research, designing, and commissioning optimization installation by our domestic and international expertise experience team works such as Tele Resource from Australia.